Ruminations on a troubled yet beautiful world from a troubled but beautiful country

10 August 2009

This is a site where things can written that are not always spoken; views can be voiced without fear; opinions can be shared and facts exposed. 

This blog is being written from the last place on earth colonised by human beings. This, God’s Own Country, has, at times, been the first place on earth for human beings to live in comfort, safety and harmony with others.

Well that at least is the myth of Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud; the land that, through a quirk of maritime and linguistic history, carries the official name of New Zealand.

Together we can work for the day when “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE” becomes a reality (making “power” a redundant concept in the process). The mobilisation and unleashing of our collective creativity as a human race will then become a welcome and unthreatening possibility; a means to meet and defeat, to solve and resolve the contradictions and problems that are the legacy of millennia of enslavement of the majority of people by a minority.


No lead from our leaders

10 August 2009

Our Government in New Zealand, short-sighted and even shorter-brained, is about to attend a world-historical climate-change summit with no proposals or ideas about how we can de-carbonise our world with the urgency required to save it. A ninety percent reduction in carbon emissions is needed by 2050, but our world-beating leaders can come up with no leadership on this matter.

Hydrogen, nuclear, wind, hydro-electric, geothermal, solar, oceanic, and renewable, vegetation-based energy sources, along with radical conservation measures, are but a glimmer in the unimagination of the hidebound and interest-based conservatives that currently rule our fair land.

They take their lead from like-minded political puppets in other wealthy lands. While growth of the economy continues to be put before nurture of the environment and the well-being of the teeming billions, those who hold power in our world by default and dint of inheritance will continue to blindly lead us to disaster.